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"What's Next After High School"

Part of our Ultimate Selfie

Learn • Lead • Live


You're in the right place to elevate your learning & life

The Ultimate Selfie, guides students on a journey to understand their strengths, core values and passions. 

To be able to confidently answer the question: What's Next?


Check out all the different ways you can develop yourself into the leader you are destined to BE!

  • Are you seeking clarity and vision for your child's future?

  • Do you need help planning for your child's future?

  • Do you want your child to have a future driven by their strengths, core values and passions?

What's next?

The Ultimate Selfie is your guide to your next steps during & after high school.


The Fitz Solution provides solutions that fit! 

Discover, Define & Develop

Not sure what is the best path for your teen.

Schedule a FREE consult so we can discuss what would work best for them and you! 

Fitz Family Reviews

The Fitz Solution is founded on authentic connection and relationship building. Read some of the thoughts of our Fitz Family. 

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“My daughter has worked with Megan for the last 7 years and is graduating this year. What began as a Math tutor relationship as blossomed into her becoming family. The support she provides for my daughter is priceless”

Anglea, Mom of MCDS Senior 

Hand Oil Drop

Why Essential Oils

The benefits of essential oils have helped students and their parents focus better, be healthier and use natural remedies in their homes.

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Create Your Wellness Program

By starting a regimen with essential oils you can quickly see the difference in your productivity, stress reduction and energy.

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